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Monthly Archives: October 2010 LogoSo I’ve never really been a blog kind of guy. I mean, I read a few of them, but I’ve never felt compelled to have one of my own. Even now that I do have one of my own, it’s not because of some inner compulsion to share the details of my life with total strangers. Hell, I don’t even share the details of my life with people I’ve known for 20 years. No. I have been compelled to blog by an ad in a magazine. Allow me to explain.

A while back I was at Canzine, where I had the opportunity to pick up the latest issue of Broken Pencil magazine. (By the way, thanks to the seven people who turned up for my Arduino workshop. I suppose a zine festival may not have been the best place for a presentation on the joys of rapid electronics prototyping.) Anyway, about a week after Canzine, I finally got around to flipping through the magazine. It was going well. My flipping was smooth and consistent. Then, on page 70, two lousy pages from the end, I came across something that stopped me cold.

It was a half-page ad from an entity claiming to be the Pitouie Development Corporation LLC, taking me to task for the blatant falsehoods in my new novel, Pitouie. What really struck me in the mental sternum was the way they referred to my book as “a complete work of fiction.”

Well of course it’s a complete work of fiction. I made it up. I created it from whole cloth. In short, I pulled it out of my ass. It’s a novel. Nothing in it is true, except for the parts that actually happened.

And yet, this entity seems to object to my depiction of my own fictional island and the things that happened there. They have a website you know. With more attacks on my “so-called novel.” Even though the domain name is registered to me.

I’ve checked with my publisher, The Workhorsery. They didn’t build this site. Hell, as of this post they don’t even have the in-house ability to update their own site to reflect the fact that my book exists.

So what’s the deal here? I have established this blog to track the activities of this entity and to defend myself against their accusations that my work of fiction “does not reflect a true depiction of events.” I’ll keep you posted.